Top 10 Places to Visit in Kathmandu (2024)

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Destinations in Kathmandu

The Kathmandu Valley is situated at an altitude between 1200 and 1500 meters above sea level and covers an area of some 570 square kilometers. It has an estimated population of around 1 million inhabitants. The valley consists of the three medieval centers of trade: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan.

This fabled valley provides the traveler with a unique opportunity to step into a civilization that, in many respects, has remained unchanged since the Middle Ages. Bearded Holy men pass with their begging bowls and sacred cows wander among intricate mazes of narrow cobbled streets.

Dramatic palaces, temples, and monuments dominate the setting. Backdrops of classical shuttered houses with hanging balconies, carved doorways and latticed windows permeate the views. Huge Pagoda temples, whose countless shrines and statues are bedecked with flowers and other offerings, create an almost mystical atmosphere. Indeed, it has often been said that there are more Gods than people in the Kathmandu Valley. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Kathmandu in 2024. 

1. Swyambhunath

Swyambhunath, the monkey temple, is an iconic landmark perfect for spiritual seekers, history enthusiasts, and animal lovers. This Buddhist stupa holds historical significance and sits atop a hill, offering breathtaking views of the city. Explore the temple complex and admire the beautiful architecture, shrines, and impressive Buddha Statues. When visiting Swyambhu, climb the 365 stone steps to reach the stupa’s entrance. At the top, experience a serene atmosphere and enjoy panoramic vistas. Interact with the playful monkeys that inhabit the area, but keep your belongings secure. While you’re there, immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance by participating in mediative prayers or spinning the prayer wheels. This ritual is believed to bring positive energy and blessing.



2. Bhaktapur

Exploring Bhaktapur feels like stepping into a time machine and immersing yourself in Nepal’s rich Newari culture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a living museum, with stunning temples, places, and statues that tell captivating stories. Wander through its narrow streets adorned with intricately carved temples, discover the exquisite pottery and craftsmanship that the city is renowned for, and savor the flavors of traditional Newari cuisine. Indulge in the famous king curd for a mouthwatering tread, or experience Nepali life through a homestay in Changu Narayan. Don’t miss the chance to support local artists by acquiring traditional Thangka Paintings.


3. Pashupatinath Temple

While in Kathmandu, don’t forget to visit the magnificent Pashupatinath Temple. It’s Nepal’s oldest and most revered Hindu Temple, and it is also one of  Kathmandu’s top attractions. The temple’s ghats host cremation ceremonies, a powerful and fascinating sight that showcases the rituals associated with life and death in Hinduism. Remember to dress appropriately at this sacred site. Take a moment to admire the temple’s stunning architecture and intricate carvings. Along the riverbank, you’ll witness devotees practicing ritual purity, offering a glimpse into their deep devotion and faith. 

4. Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu is an incredible gem if you are looking for a memorable spiritual experience. It is a massive size, about 330 feet (100M) in diameter, making it impossible to miss. The Stupa offers a captivating spiritual experience, attracting locals and visitors alike. Surrounding the stupa, you’ll find a lively community filled with souvenir shops, where you can discover unique treasures.


Are you carving authentic Nepalese cuisine? Plenty of restaurants are nearby serving mouthwatering dishes like MoMo, the local favorite. If you seek inner peace, take advantage of the meditation centers in the area join guided sessions, or find a peaceful spot to reflect and absorb the serene atmosphere. 

5. Ason and Manga Bazaar

Experience the vibrant heart of Kathmandu at Ason and Mangal Bazaar, where the city’s essence pulsates with a captivating allure. These markets transport you into a captivating tapestry of local life. A colorful maze beckoning you to discover its treasures. Prepare to be enchanted as you navigate the lively streets adorned with an explosion of colors and brimming with spirited vendors. An avid shopper’s paradise, these bazaars boast a diverse range of unique souvenirs and finely crafted handicrafts, each whispering tales of Nepal’s rich heritage. Yes, it’s not only about shopping, indulge your taste buds in irresistible local snacks like MoMos and Samosas and let their tantalizing aromas and flavors transport you to a world of culinary ecstasy.

6. Shivapuri National Park

Welcome to Shivapuri National Park, a nature lovers’s paradise just outside Kathmandu. This stunning park covers 61 square miles and is teeming with diverse flora and fauna, including over 300 species. Rock climbing, mountain biking, and canyoning are just a few of the exciting activities offered here. Get your heart racing as you conquer towering clifts or pedal through rugged terrain. If you prefer a more tranquil experience, Shivapuri won’t disappoint. Discover peaceful picnic spots scattered throughout the park. You can also follow scenic trails leading to hill stations to enjoy the serene surroundings and reconnect with nature.

7. Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Dreams is a tranquil place where you may unwind and spend time in nature. Built in 1920, this historical garden showcases exquisite neo-classical architecture it’s a perfect place to relax, with beautiful pavilions, fountains, and seasonal gardens. Step into a tranquil oasis that provides a respite from the lively city outside. Take a leisurely walk through themed gardens, Japanese Gardens, and Himalayan Gardens. Each garden offers its unique charm. Moreover, experience the ultimate relaxation with a leisurely picnic, immersing yourself in the tranquil ambiance of nature. Feel the weight of stress dissipate as you embrace the breathtaking beauty that envelops you.

Garden of Dreams
Garden of Dreams

8. Chandragiri Hills 

For a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, look no further than Chandragiri Hills. This enchanting destination offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The cable car ride alone is an adventure, with stunning vistas at every turn. Once you reach the summit, indulge in leisurely activities and explore the well-maintained property. Take casual strolls through the lush gardens and visit the spiritual sites scattered across the hills for moments of tranquility and inner peace.

9. Thamel Nightlife

If you’re looking for an exciting night out in Kathmandu Nepal, Thamel is the place to be. Its bustling streets are lined with bars, pubs, and nightclubs catering to various tastes. Many places offer live music performances and pulsating DJ sets for those who love to dance. Thamel never sleeps, with late-night parties and cultural events showcasing Nepal’s heritage you can get lost in the lively environment, meet new people, and have enduring experiences it’s the perfect destination for lively and unforgettable nightlife experiences.

10. Patan Durbar Square

Patan, also known as Lalitpur, boasts a rich cultural heritage, captivating art, and an entrancing architecture. Patan Durbar Square, an iconic UNESCO World Heritage site, should be at the top of your list. Explore its temples and palaces, showcasing intricate Newari artwork. Don’t miss the Patan Museum complex, where you can learn more about Nepal’s rich history. Other must-see attractions include the Golden Temple, Mahabuddha Temple, and Krishna Temple. As you wander through Patas’s streets, you’ll encounter a vibrant atmosphere. Indulge in local delicacies, savor aromatic spices, and engage with friendly locals who are eager to share their stories and traditions.

Patan Durbar Square
Patan Durbar Square

11. Indra Chowk

Indra Chowk beckons you! this lively shopping district near Kathmandu Durbar Square is a vibrant hub that allows you to fully experience the local culture. Named after an ancient Vedic deity, it boasts temples, historical monuments, and heritage shops. Indra Chowk hosts vibrant festivals like Indra Jatra, where chariots carrying revered Hindu figures parade through the streets. While you are there, embrace the local culture. Explore temples, discover traditional handicrafts, and witness captivating festivities that unite the community. 

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